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TRIPAN MEDICAL CONSULTANTS is your best adviser in the selection of the widest variety of hospitable Cyprus, Greece, Israel  and other countries medical services.

It is the leading private company, rendering services in the area of modern medicine.

On the basis of the medical history data supplied by you, the expert team Doctors of the company, which consists of leading specialists in different medical areas, will be able to arrange your evaluation treatment in an efficient and effective manner.

The high competence of the employees, combined with brand new technologies, shall contribute to your recreation within the shortest period of time.

TRIPAN MEDICAL CONSULTANTS is ready to take care of your health lovingly.

TRIPAN MEDICAL CONSULTANTS is a friendly international team of the best specialists from Cyprus, Greece, Israel and other countries who specialize in different medical areas and who have the ability to handle your problem by suggesting optimum conditions for its quickest solution.

These are thoughtful specialists, ready to select optimum solutions for You, considering all Your wishes and peculiarities.

TRIPAN MEDICAL CONSULTANTS guarantees effective high-level treatment with the use of brand new technologies.

Our company’s aim is to provide people with unique opportunity to receive knowledge and get a global expert analysis in the area of medicine.

Having contacted TRIPAN MEDICAL CONSULTANTS, each of our customers gets an opportunity to consult and be treated in the most hospitable climate conditions, free from the unpredictability of general European weather.

TRIPAN MEDICAL CONSULTANTS will help You to deal with Your decision-making in the following issues:

– Which health care institution of Cyprus, Greece, Israel or other county, has the best experience in treating each illness

– How you can make an effective choice in the leading specialist as regards to each different medical problem?

– What is the optimum program in arranging Your examination and treatment?

We recommend only reliable and certified methods.

We are looking to cooperate only with the doctors, by which our children and relatives are treated.

We contact with the best hospitals of Cyprus, Greece, Israel and other countries, that are ready to meet the most sophisticated customers and render a complete spectrum of services, connected with Your health and comfortable stay on the country.

In TRIPAN MEDICAL CONSULTANTS   You will receive not only high-level assistance, but also benevolence from the medical staff.

From the very beginning of our work we are trying to be the best in our specialty area.

Following these principles at all times we managed to receive credit and gratitude from all our clients from the very beginning of our course of business.