TRIPAN MEDICAL CONSULTANTS for Your calmness and comfort provides distinct spectrum of tour services:

  • IT WILL HELP in flight arrangement;
  • IT WILL ORDER A TICKET for regular flights;
  • IT WILL CARRY OUT THE ORDERING OF TICKETS  for a regular flight accompanied by a doctor.

Employees of TRIPAN MEDICAL CONSULTANTS are also ready to arrange meeting You in the airport. Depending on the health condition of the patient it will help to:

  • MEET THE PATIENT near the airstair;
  • TRANSPORT to the place of residence / treatment;
  • MEET THE PATIENT near the main entrance and escort him to the place of residence / treatment;

Employees of TRIPAN MEDICAL CONSULTANTS can arrange:

  • ESCORTING THE PATIENT within the whole period of his treatment on Cyprus;
  • provide Greek, English, Russian and main languages speaking coordinators;
  • render services of professional nurses.

Employees of TRIPAN MEDICAL CONSULTANTS are ready to fix up the issues of Your living:


  • Booking hotels, located in the vicinity of the hospital;
  • Booking hotels, located in the resort areas of the country;
  • Renting an apartment in case long-term stay is required.

Employees of TRIPAN MEDICAL CONSULTANTS also offer arrangements of travel around the island accompanied by professional Greek, English, Russian and main languages speaking guides:

  • Group bus excursions;
  • Individual personal car excursions;
  • Individual excursions;
  • Individual yacht excursions;

Our company will provide a rent car service and main languages speaking drivers services for any periods of time.

TRIPAN MEDICAL CONSULTANTS wishes You health and wealth, returned by loving hearts and careful hands of our company’s employees combined with divine gifts of sunny Cyprus!