Treasure your health in Cyprus

Cyprus medicine

Cyprus, being a country of European Union, has a well-developed health care system. Cyprus medical level is considered rather high. The evidence of that is the long lifetime of the Cypriots – 78,51 years for men and 81,46 years for women on average. Cypriots’ long life is caused not only by good medicine, but also by favorable ecology, great climate and comfortable stress less life.

Doctors and other specialists of different medical areas are not only taught abroad, but also complete trainings on a regular basis in the best hospitals of Germany, Great Britain, Russia, and the USA. They practice their knowledge of English, Russian and German.

Health care on the island is provided both in state hospitals, and in private medical institutions.  And not only private hospitals have modern medical equipment, but also the majority of state/public hospitals, so one shouldn’t worry about qualitative health care in either case.

A National Health Service System have been designed and bailed and the implementation is running this time and by the June of 2020 will be completed.

All city hospitals have their main departments: emergency care, therapeutics, maternity, orthopedic, surgery, pharmaceutical and X-ray.

Health care and medical help for international tourists on Cyprus are free in case of emergency in Accident and Emergency Department of Public Hospitals and treatment facilities.

There are no dangerous infections on Cyprus. Visitors don’t have to be Vaccinated in any way in order to travel to Cyprus.

Health Island

Why Cyprus? It’s so easy!

“Cyprus is heaven on earth”, “The island that is always with you”, “The place where summer hibernates”, “Gods had rest here”, “The way to Olympus starts on Cyprus”, “If there’s heaven on earth it’s Cyprus”, “Cyprus is a waking fairy-tale”… With these words people express their impression by the island of love, beauty and health. What is main part of this triad? Health undoubtedly! If You lose it You won’t care about beauty and love.

Do You want to combine business with pleasure?

TRIPAN MEDICAL CONSULTANTS is a company that will help You to do this. You have a bulk of opportunities!

Imagine a situation: You are going to an exotic country on holiday, but what You do there is not only relaxing on the beach, but also going through necessary operations, for example treating Your teeth and sight. Far from annoying colleagues and curious girl-friends You return youth to Your face and body. It is hard for an unsophisticated person, influenced by old-fashioned stereotypes, to believe that one can receive qualitative medical services in exotic countries, but nevertheless it is true.

A unique combination of favorable climate factors have made Cyprus a real health resort, bathing  in the best of seas and in the rays of the leisure less sun. They say that having created the world, God, watching its beauty, dropped a tear of tenderness and delight, and this God’s tear became the sea that washes Cyprus.

The weather is stable here, winds are moderate and tender. Atmospheric pressure waives are so insignificant, that they aren’t actually caught by human body. Sea breezes fill the air with mineral salts and fresh the body with illusively insensible shower.

The sun shines for 350 days a year and its rays are richly filled with the most biologically valuable ultraviolet and medical infrared light. You can swim the whole year round in the virgin transparent water. Enjoy flawless eco-friendly fruits and berries of Cyprus land and gifts of Cyprus Sea.

A modern man, as a rule, doesn’t have time to care about his health, whereas it is easy for him to find time for a holiday.

So that’s the solution – combine business with pleasure. Let alone the fact that the price for treatment in TRIPAN MEDICAL CONSULTANTS is 2-3 times lower, than in western countries, and the quality is rather higher. Doctors and medical staff in Cyprus get their education in the best universities of Europe, Russia, and America, and the hospitals are equipped with innovative equipment.

Having come to us for help You will be assured of all advantages at first hand and will be able to recommend us to your nearest and dearest!

In addition Cyprus offers secure and easily accessible destinations with no political turmoil/civil wars, as a member of the European Union and the Euro currency.

We’re always glad to see You!


Wellness services in Cyprus

Recovery and Rehabilitation in Cyprus

Postsurgical recovery and post-traumatic after-treatment are important components of a patient’s recovery. And it’s important for a person not only to treat the health issue at stake, but to return to his ordinary life as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The main task of after-treatment arrangements is to return functional abilities to the patient’s body. TRIPAN MEDICAL CONSULTANTS calls for Your attention the services of Medical Convalescent Center, located on the picturesque sea coast of Cyprus and carries out the arrangement of the complete recovery course in the following manner:


In favorable natural conditions of Cyprus, physiotherapy (Greek “physis” – nature + “therapeia” – treatment; synonym: physical therapy, physiatrics) as an area of medicine, relates to the study of the physiological and curative effect of natural and artificially created physical factors, and developing methods of their usage for prophylactic and medical purposes. Physiotherapy is thus becoming the most important area of after-treatment in whole.

The purpose of physiotherapy – achievement of the best effect in treatment of any illness with minimum strain on the patient’s body, using, in general, physical treatment methods, can be easily achieved because of the unique Cyprus nature.

You are offered with the complete spectrum of physiotherapeutic procedures, including: massage, manual therapy, clinical pilates, chirotherapy, exercise therapy, treatment with the use of electricity, light, water, peloids, infrared rays, acupuncture, psychotherapy elements, balneotherapy methods and etc. During the final stages (for the main indication) certain types of sports, adapting trainings may be advised as well as the designing and producing corrective insoles which are carried out here.